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Waltzing with the Elephant (eBook)

Waltzing with the Elephant (eBook)

SKU: 2627
Authors: Mark Toomey
Publishers: Infonomics Pty Ltd
Format: eBook
ISBN13: 9780980683011
ISBN10: 0980683017
Published: 01 Jan 2010
Availability: Always Available

A straightforward guide to the effective governance of IT for non-technical professionals by one of the authors of ISO/IEC 38500, the international Standard for the corporate governance of IT.

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This eBook examines the importance of top level engagement in the processes for directing and controlling the use of information technology as a business tool. The ubiquity of IT means most organisations depend wholly on it both for daily business activity and for future performance, yet few directors have effective oversight of their organisation’s IT. For many organisations, especially at boardroom level, IT is ‘the elephant in the room’.

Read an excerpt from the book here.

IT failures can have serious and costly ramifications, yet many organisations lack effective oversight of IT, dismissing it as something to be addressed only when it goes wrong, by which time it is too late. Waltzing with the Elephant aims to address that gap in top management knowledge by helping to build a shared understanding that will lead to a well-integrated system for IT governance from the boardroom downwards, framed around the guidance in the ISO/IEC 38500 Standard.

Aimed at a broad audience, from directors and senior executives, business managers, IT professionals and consultants to researchers, academics and students, Waltzing with the Elephant lays the foundations for a consistent, effective framework for the use of IT across all levels of an enterprise from the boardroom downwards.

Waltzing with the Elephant is jargon-free and full of real-world examples drawn from the author’s experience, illustrating issues that should be addressed about the future planning, delivery and operational use of IT. This will be of particular benefit to those who have a significant responsibility for the success of IT use who may not have been aware of, or fully understood, their responsibility.

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  1. The problem with information technology
  2. The standard for governance of IT
  3. Understanding governance of IT
  4. The key messages in ISO/IEC38500
  5. The ISO/IEC 38500 model for governance of IT
  6. The integrated system for governance and management of IT
  7. The responsibility principle
  8. The strategy principle
  9. The acquisition principle
  10. The performance principle
  11. The conformance principle
  12. The human behaviour principle

About the author

Mark Toomey is an international leader in the field of IT governance. He was deeply involved in development of Australian Standard AS 8015:2005 - Corporate Governance of Information and Communication Technology, and was subsequently appointed as Project Editor for ISO/IEC 38500:2008 – Corporate Governance of Information Technology. He continues his efforts to build worldwide understanding of the roles and disciplines required for effective governance and successful use of information technology as a founding member of the international standards working group on governance of information technology established under the auspices of ISO and the IEC. Through his company, Infonomics Pty Ltd, he provides services to assess and improve the way that individuals and organisations go about the task of directing and controlling the use of information technology. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Senior Member of the Australian Computer Society.

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