Saudi Arabia creates a commission to battle cyber crime

The Saudi Arabian government has created a cyber security authority to better protect the country’s data, systems and information technology networks, as well as improving online security for companies and individuals.

The National Cyber Security Commission will be chaired by the minister of state, Musaed Al-Aiban, and linked to the office of the king. It will also include the head of state security, the head of intelligence, the deputy interior minister and assistant to the minister of defence.

Who will benefit?

Al-Aiban said his priority was to deploy qualified national staff to build partnerships with public and private organisations, Arab News reports.

His appointment comes less than a month after Arab News reported on growing fears of cyber attacks in the Gulf. Saudi Arabia is the most targeted country in a region that is among the least cyber secure in the world, but its government now appears to be responding to the threat.

Othman Al-Robaish, chief executive of DNJ Technologies, told Arab News that the National Cyber Security Commission will help young Saudis get involved in the national effort to strengthen cybersecurity.

Naif Al-Rashid, a Saudi journalist, said better cyber security measures will make everyone more confident when using the Internet, including individuals, government entities, security facilities, financial houses and foreign investors.

Protect your organisation from cyber attacks

It’s not yet known what advice the commission will give to organisations to improve their cyber security measures, but it may well recommend certifying to ISO 27001, the international standard that describes best practice for an information security management system (ISMS).

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