9 benefits of implementing an ISMS

At IT Governance we often talk about the benefits of obtaining ISO 27001 certification, but there are many more immediate benefits associated with implementing an ISMS (information security management system).

Below is an explanation of what an ISMS is and nine reasons why you should implement one.

What is an ISMS?

An ISMS is a system of processes, documents, technology and people that helps to manage, monitor, audit and improve your organisation’s information security.

ISO 27001 is the international standard that provides the specification and requirements for implementing an ISMS.

An ISO 27001-aligned ISMS helps you coordinate all your security practices in one place, consistently and cost-effectively.

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9 reasons to implement an ISMS

To help you understand why you should implement an ISMS, we’ve summarised the key benefits:

  1. Helps protect all forms of information, including digital, paper-based, intellectual property and personal information.
  2. Increases resilience to cyber attacks.
  3. Provides a framework for keeping your organisation’s information safe and managing it all in one place.
  4. Offers organisation-wide protection from technology-based risks and common threats such as ineffective procedures.
  5. Helps respond to evolving security threats both in the environment and inside the organisation.
  6. Reduces costs associated with information security.
  7. Protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data with a set of policies, procedures, and technical and physical controls.
  8. Ensures timely resumption of information and critical business processes.
  9. Improves company culture and enables employees to embrace security controls as part of their everyday working practices.

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Essential resources to implement an ISO 27001 ISMS

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