3 free information security resources you should have

As an information security professional intending to implement ISO 27001 or any information security project, you are probably hungry for knowledge and eager to make progress. IT Governance provides essential information security resources to help you implement an ISMS (information security management system), including standards, toolkits, books, training materials, buyer’s guides and green papers.

Whether you’re undertaking an implementation project or about to start one, these three free resources will give you all the expert guidance you need.

1. Information Security & ISO 27001: An introduction

The volume and value of data used in everyday business increasingly informs how organisations operate and how successful they are. To protect this information – and to be seen to be protecting it – more and more companies are becoming ISO 27001-certified.

This free green paper will help you understand ISO 27001 certification and explore the benefits of achieving certification to the Standard. You will learn:

  • What ISO 27001 is, and how it relates to ISO 27002 and ISO 9001;
  • The difference between conformity to and certification to the Standard;
  • The value of certification to the Standard;
  • ISO 27001’s compatibility with other management standards;
  • The importance of risk assessment and risk treatment plans; and
  • How the Standard helps you meet your legal and regulatory obligations.

Download this free green paper today to find out how ISO 27001 will help your organisation.


2. Don’t Risk It, Cyber secure it – With ISO 27001

Organisations of all sizes use ISO 27001 to assure their boards, customers, stakeholders and staff that they are cyber secure. Download this free green paper to learn how smart organisations are protecting their reputations and their critical information assets while winning new business with ISO 27001 certification. The green paper also covers:

  • Why cyber security is so much more than a technological issue;
  • How international cyber criminals target your website and what they do with your stolen information;
  • Why SMEs are more vulnerable to attack than their larger counterparts – and don’t even know it; and
  • How ISO 27001 certification can stop you missing out on business and help you comply with numerous international regulations and laws.

Download this green paper today


3. The 10 Critical Ingredients to Reduce Cyber Risk with ISO 27001

This free green paper will explain how to implement best-practice cyber security with ISO 27001, covering:

  • Why ISO 27001 is the fastest-growing security standard globally;
  • Why nearly 25,000 organisations are certified to ISO 27001; and
  • Unrivalled, practical advice for getting started with implementing ISO 27001 today.

Download your free copy now


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